Phuta Kam Village’s history

Phuta Kam village is located around mountain area. The villagers have a spiritual believes that this area has so many ghosts and evil spirits which cause diseases to the villagers to dead. Phut in English mean evil spirit and Ta Kam in English mean mountain. Phuta Kam village is the combination of these two words.

Most of the villagers in Phuta Kam village are Phu Thai. They are agriculturists in rice, cassava, Para rubber, and sugar cane growing. Nonetheless, they also grow fruits and vegetables such as cabbage, scallion, mango, longan, and coconut.

Even though there were a spiritual or supernatural stories about this village that make some of people scare and afraid of to come, visitors will be joyful once they have a chance to feel the environmental of this village surrounding by mountains and farming fields.

Local Village Product

  • Compress Loincloth
  • Indigo fabric Cloth
  • Shawl
  • Basketry products such as small local container, creel, hunting tools
  • Fruits and vegetables such as cassava, kale,scallion, parsley, seasonal mango (Nam Dok Mai) longan, and coconut

Tourist Attraction

  • Site visit Santisiraram temple and pay homage to Buddha Image
  • Site visit PaPhutakam temple and pay homage to white and green jades Buddha Image, a peaceful temple with scenic view from mountain
  • Site visit Thamsumontapawwana temple, ecological tourist attraction
  • Pay homage to ancestor spirit house for happiness life
  • Watch petrified wood
  • Site visit and watch pre-historic painting at Phak Wan cliff
  • Site visit Hin Ngam Larn Darn Man Pla
  • Site visit Tad Thai waterfall which is the upstream of Song Kram River
  • Site visit and buy community products such as loincloth, indigo fabric, cloth, shawl, basketry product fruit and vegetable
  • Stay at local village Homestay


Mr. Tawon Somshoti, Assistant of Village headman : Tel. 098-595-6380