There were a credence that the ancestors of Nongsanai village migrate from Lao People’s Democratic Republic via Mekong river. In the early beginning, they settled the houses nearby the river in southwest area of the present location around 1 kilometer apart and named Nongharngkae village. Some may called Nonghungkae village because it has a lot of alligators live in the swamp. Most of the villagers are “Kaloeng”. Afterwards, there was a widespread of disease occurred in that village cause so many dead. In 1870, Mr. Srithep Thochari, Mr. Pong Thophangchan, and Luang Piphat (Thobumrung family) lead the villagers to move to northeast area and called new village as Nongsanai village. The landscape of Nongsanai village is lowland located in Phu Phan Mountain. It has a plentifully of forest and various kinds of plants in Namong district. Most of the villagers are farmers, gardeners, and herdsman. In dry season, they will produce indigo woven.


Tourist Attraction

  • Site visit and pay homage to Buddha Image and pagoda in Puthampra temple.
  • Site visit holy pond
  • Sightseeing 3 provinces at scenic point consisted of Kalasin, Udon Thani, and Sakon Nakhon
  • Make tie dyed fabric
  • Site visit and buy community products from indigo fabric such as hat, cloth, bag, keychain, scarves, and shawl



Local Village Product

  • Indigo fabric
  • Tie dyed fabric
  • Rice bamboo container
  • Indigo fabric products such as hat, cloth, bag, keychain, scarves, and shawl




Mr. Yuthana Yuntharak, Village Headman : Tel. 088-312-7664

Ms. Pansri Thochari : Tel. 064-439-9029