Nong Bua Barn village was established in 1895 by Mr. Phin Srisawad. In that time, this area was surrounded by thick forests and dangerous wide animals so they decided to move to Khok Manao village. Later, 6 families from Non Hom and Tao Ngoi districts, Sakhon Nakhon province, led by Mr. Sai Narmkhan, Mr. Klieng Ratthanaphan, Mr. Torkhao Wongsrichan, Mr. Sim Sitakai moved to stay in this area. In 1972 – 1974, the government build Nam Un dam. Mr. Chalong Narmkhan led villagers migrating to Nong Bua Barn area. The village layout is decided by Mr. Tor Ratthana. In 1896, this village were officially established Nong Bua Barn village (name after swamp with lotus eatable). Mr. Kaew Ratthanaphan is the first village headman. Nong Bua Barn is a small village with plentifully natural resources. The villagers are Phu Thai who lived simplicity. Most of the villagers are fisheries and agriculturists in organic farming, Para rubber growing, cassava farming, animal raising, and local chicken raising. The villagers are Buddhist.


Tourist Attraction

  • Pay homage to ancestor spirit house
  • Sightseeing on boat trip
  • Site visit and buy community products such as indigo fabric, loincloth, “Kok” mat, and processed product from indigo fabric




Local Village Product

  • Indigo fabric
  • Bag
  • Mudmee fabric
  • Shawl
  • Hand towel
  • Loincloth
  • Basketry product
  • “Kok” mat
  • Traditional preserved fish




Mr. Taweesak Wongsrichan : Tel. 062-552-7806, 098-158-1778