In the past, the ancestors of Kut Haet villagers were living in Mahachai town, Kongkaew, country of Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Later, King Rama III (Nang Klao) endorsed Chao Phraya Bodindecha to attack Vientiane and Mahachai Kongkaew town for gaining people to Thailand. In King Rama V era, there were a war to suppress Haw in Chiengkwan town which make more people migrated to this village. Furthermore, beforenamed this community as Kut Haet village, this area used to have plenty of rhinoceros. In explicit, Haet in English mean rhinoceros. The landscape of Kut Haet village is located on lowland area, Phu Phan mountain range. Most of the villagers are “Kaloeng” and work as farmers, gardeners, collect food from wild, and herdsman. They also produced indigo fabric, silk fabric, and basketwork.


Tourist Attraction

  • Site visit Humhod abyss, cliff with length of 400 meters and deep of 250 meters
  • Site visit peacock at Kut Haet temple
  • Site visit and buy community products at biodiversity-based economy development center such as indigo fabric, silk fabric, weave product, and processed product from indigo fabric



Local Village Product

  • Indigo fabric
  • Silk fabric
  • Weave product
  • Processed product from indigo fabric




Ms. Samai Srimookda, Local Product Chief of Dangmookda Community : Tel. 088-513-2792

Ms. Wannapa Srimookda : Tel. 086-257-8557

Mr. Suphap Rangsri : Tel. 088-333-5396