Huea Bang Village’s history

The ancestors of Huay Bang village are “Phu Thai” originated settling houses in Puchae village. Afterwards, they migrated to Narao area. In the early beginning, Phu Thai villagers didn’t know how to do farming that why they live nearby hill or mountain slope growing rice, chili, and cotton. Later on, they knew how to do farming so they relocate to lowland area where brook pass through. This brook was called “Huay Bang” because it is originally coming from the mountain with Prabang cave.

Most of the villagers in Huay Bang village are Phu Thai. They are farmers, herdsman, and rubber plantation. There is an important water resource inside the village called “Nong Hua Chang” where people used to look after elephants in this area. Later on, the elephants started to die around this swamp which look like elephant head that is why the villagers called this swamp as “Nong Hua Chang”. Hua Chang mean elephant head.

Tourist Attraction

  • Pay homage to Phra That Sri Mongkol.
  • Pay Pay homage to ancestor spirit house (Mahaesak) at Waritchaphum.
  • Site visit and buy community products such as loincloth, Sikao pattern fabric, fold mat, compress, fabric bag, keychain, and balm.
  • Stay at local village Homestay.

Local Village Product

Loincloth, Sikao pattern fabric, Breast cloth with medwai pattern, Fabric bag, Keychain, Puthai cloth, Kayang, Fabric with Kedtao pattern, Fold mat, Shampoo, Local dishwashing liquids from
kaffir lime, lemon, and butterfly pea, Mosquito protection spray, Compress, Prai oil, Balm, Lemongrass oil, Rice bamboo container, Fresh rattan, Preserve rattan, Medwai keychain


Mr. Wittaya Thongintee, Village Headman : Tel. 080-752-5875
Mr. Rungrod Nantarad : Tel. 087-874-1061