Dong Pu Thong Village’s history

In the past, Dong Phu Thong village was called as Suwanna Kam village. In 1979, the village is separated from Suwanna Kam village because it was too difficult to manage resulting from high density and huge area. This village is renamed as Dong Phu Thong.

The landscape of Dong Phu Thong village is located in mountain area with plentifully natural resources which is suitable for villagers who would like to work and live. Mr. Kaikee Woraphan was the first headman of the village. The landscape of Dong Phu Thong village is foothills plain. The villagers are Phu Thai, Yor, and ThaiLao. Most of the villagers are agriculturists in Para rubber, farming, and raising animals.



Tourist Attraction

  • Site visit Lom Choi cliff, PhuPaHak.
  • Site visit Tham Nam Yard temple.
  • Site visit and buy community products such as loincloth, indigo fabric, and basketry product.



Local Village Product

  • Loincloth
  • Silk fabric
  • Indigo fabric
  • Basketry product
  • Keychain


Mr. Santarn Kuinapeng : Tel. 098-390-0703