Tan Village’s history

In the past, Tan village was also known as Tan Sarn Jod village. It was established in 1825 by the leading of Por Luang Pram and villagers from 7 to 8 families. Por Laung Pram migrated from Nakhon Buri district, Nakhon Ratchasima province, to stay in Khok Si village. Then they moved to another area called “Huay Sarn Jod”. Around that area, it has a very unique sugar palm tree among others which has so many tree tops on the same tree. The villagers named the village as Tan Sarn Jod village after a unique sugar palm tree. In 1888, they changed the name of the village to Tan village.

The area of Tan village is located in lowland. Most of the villagers are farmers. Weavers, herdsman, and general workers are their secondary job. Mai Barn Tan temple is their mind center of the community.

Local Village Product

  • Ikam Silk fabric Mudmee cotton fabric
  • Indigo shawl Indigo dyed fabric
  • Kok mat Compress
  • Sour mushroom Nang Lek
  • Fish processed product
  • Traditional preserved fish

Tourist Attraction

  • Pay homage to Phra That Sri Mongkol
    (Relics) at Mai Ban Tan temple


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