Panna Village’s history

The very first villagers of Panna village are soldiers of Prawor Prata from Vientiane, migrated from Lao People’s Democratic Republic by the leading of “Na” a hunter. Because of water resource and plentifully forest of Panna village which can implied to “There is a fish in the water, there is a rice in the field”. Later, more and more people migrated to the village and the name of the village started to distort from Pa Khoa Panna village to Panna village as present.

Panna village has a plentifully resources. Most of the villagers are farmers and agriculturists. They have their own local speaking language called “Sriphoom language” which is different from other northeast language.

Local Village Product

  • Indigo fabric Hat
  • Bag Pillow
  • Shoes Compress
  • Aromatherapy
  • Traditional preserved fish water
  • Antique salted boil Banana crisps

Tourist Attraction

  • Site visit Gu Panna, also known as Khmer castle, and pay homage to Shiva Lingam at Don Kham temple
  • Pay homage to ancestor spirit house and ChaoMaeNangKham
  • Site visit Naitham temple, antiques church and museum
  • Site visit community forest at Bung Kham Aor
  • Learn how-to do indigo fabric at eco-friendly weave center
  • Site visit and buy community products such as indigo fabric bag and hat
  • Stay at local village Homestay


Mr. Surasit Raksakaew, Chief of Panna village’s homestay Tel. 086-461-8801