Nongnoi Village’s history

Nongnoi village was established in 1927 by Phor Hom Horhern with relatives and neighbors who migrated from Thung Mon and Thung Kae villages. They settled around 10 houses on the western side of Thung Kae village (currently is sport stadium, Thung Kae district). Nongnoi village used to be part of Thung Kae village. In 1945, they had moved to the northern area where they joined with people from Wang Gor Pai and Thung Kae villages because of
widespread of malaria. The village became bigger and separated from Thung Kae village in 1965. Later, the villagers voted Mr. Tun Pharad to be a first village headman. He persuaded villagers to set Chai Chana temple in the village as well as establish Nongnoi School. Mr. Kowit Kaewunruen is the first principle of the school.

With the surrounding environment of nature, plain area, and Thung Mon swamp as a water resource, Nongnoi villagers are farmers and herdsmen. Some villagers also work as general workers.

Local Village Product

  • Indigo fabric Tie dyed cloth
  • Loincloth Herbal compress
  • Processed indigo fabric products such as
  • Sarong, scarves, shawl, bag
  • Wicker products such as basket and small
  • bamboo container

Tourist Attraction

  • Site visit Thung Mon swamp
  • Site visit Chai Chana temple
  • Pay homage to Black Buddha Image
  • Site visit and buy community products such
    as indigo fabric, loincloth, tie dyed cloth,
    and wicker product
  • Stay at local village Homestay



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