Huay Heep Nuea Village’s history

The villagers in Huay Heep Nuea village are “Phu-Tai” migrated from Phuwang Arngkham town in King Rama III era. The name of Huay Heep Nuea village came from the legend. This legend tell that one day while the villagers were searching for fishes in brook, instead of finding fishes, they found an unmovable chest in the brook. So the villagers named this brook as “Huay Heep” for spiritual believing in luck after all, “Heep” in Thai mean chest. Afterwards, the disease of smallpox occurred which make the villagers have to relocate to the northern part area. So they added “Nuea” (mean north in English) after “Huay Heep” and it became Huay Heep Nuea village later on.


Tourist Attraction

  • Site visit knit pattern fabric technique for
    sending to Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center
  • Pay homage to Sinnoi Buddha Image (over 200
    years) at Phosrichan temple
  • Site visit Phu-Tai living style
  • Site visit and buy community products such as
    hand towel, woven fabric, and cloth

Local Village Product

  • Dyed-natural color cotton fabric
  • Processed product from woven such as hand towel


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