Don Sao Thong Village’s history


In the era of Padangnangai dame, there were a long battle between soldiers of Padang and Pangdi in Don Sao Thong Village area. Eventually, soldiers of Padang managed to win the battle. Then, Padang dame decided to put “Toong” pillar at the winning battle area which mean “flagstaff of victory”.


In 1976, master monk Sawang who was the abbot of Saphan Dam temple decided to perform a name changer ceremony and changed the name of Don Sa Tung to Don Sao Thong. In 1980, Don Sao Thong Village was separated from Na Dok Mai village.

Don Sao Thong village has a plentifully landscape because it locates nearby Nong Han Lake. Therefore villagers could find fishes from Nong Han Lake and also processes fishes into local conversion products. Inside the village, there is a Nong Han Luang monastery temple as a mind center for villagers.

Local Village Product

Salted-fish Pickled fish Smok ed fish

Local roll mat T amarind stirring

Local drinks such as mulberry juice, aloe vera juice, pandanus juice

Ornamental flower such as bromeliad pineapple color, and anthurium

Tourist Attraction

Site visit Nong Han Luang monastery

Site visit Nong Han view pointNong Han boat trip

Site visit Don Sao Thong Sufficient

Economy Center

Site visit Don Sao Thong and buy the local village products such as ornamental flower and herbal drinks


Mr. Panom Panyawai, Village Headman Tel. 086-219-2045


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